4 Healthy Cooking Substitutes that Won’t Bust Your Wedding Weight Loss Goals!

It’s hard to stay on track when it comes to desserts, so why not use some healthier substitutes while cooking and keep your waistline in check? Try these out!
  • Use Applesauce instead of butter, oil, or sugar – This brings sweetness, less fat, and fiber to your recipe! Substitute one for one. If you are worried about the change in taste, experiment a little and find the perfect ratio for your taste.
  • Use Non-fat plain Greek Yogurt instead of mayo, sour cream and even ice cream – This reduces the fat content, and adds protein to your dishes. Make a healthy dessert by scooping some yogurt in a bowl, adding washed raspberries and blueberries, sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the fruit, and then add a light helping of crushed almonds. YUM!
  • Mash up some avocados instead of using butter or oil in baking… This adds good fats and may reduce the fat content. Substitute one for one.
  • Cuisinart some frozen Bananas instead of ice cream – This is a healthy, low fat, vitamin filled, lactose free alternative to full fat ice cream. Add some healthy nuts or granola for some crunch.

What’s your favorite healthy substitute?