6 Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Wedding

I choose to believe that all of us have a little Ke$ha within us, maybe some (me) more than others, but either way adding glitter to your wedding can be fun AND gorgeous! So, how does one incorporate glitter into their wedding without giving off the exploded-craft-table look? The key is not to over-do it, unless that fits your style in which case I say go for it!


1. Shoes

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee


Glam up those pumps by adding a layer of glitter to the bottom, heel or toe. This look is perfect for any dress type because it could compliment a – as my mother would say – “bling bling” dress or bring sparkle to a subtle, classic dress.


2. Aisle

Photo Credit: La Mariée en Colère

In lieu of flower petals, sprinkle sequins either along the sides or down the whole aisle. I HIGHLY recommend using larger glitter for this, in case you are unfamiliar with the adhesive ability of tiny glitter just know it will get EVERYWHERE. You’ll be dusting glitter off your dress for years to come.


3. Vases


Photo Credit: Decozilla


Having trouble deciding what vases to use for centerpieces? Turn a plain, glass vase into a glitzy masterpiece with just some Mod Podge and glitter. Plus, since glitter goes with everything, you don’t have to worry about matching your flowers to your centerpiece vases!


4. Tablecloth

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed


Now this may not be for everyone because it is a LOT of glitter, but personally I am obsessed with this look. Instead of trying to glam-up your tablescape, why not center the tablescape around glam? I’ve found that most party rental companies have at least one glitter tablecloth available for rent and they always look fab, amiright?!


5. Champagne Flutes


Photo Credit: HGTV


If you’re doing a champagne toast you can add sparkle to your flutes, or if you’re not having a champagne toast you can decorate your wine glasses in the same fashion. Not only will these look glamorous, but your guests will feel so swanky drinking fancy drinks out of a fancy glass!


6. Glitter Send-Off


Photo Credit: Ruffled


Last but not least, at the end of the night – or after your ceremony – you can have guests throw glitter on you and your new significant other. This is another situation where you’re going to want to get bigger glitter pieces… unless you enjoy having glittery showers in which case get the finest grain glitter you can find!



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May and Peter’s Cambridge Wedding: Oleana + MIT Chapel

What do you get when you merge neutral colors, an organic style, pops of soft garden colors and place them in two beautiful venues? May and Peter’s wedding at the MIT Chapel and Oleana in Cambridge! The couple wanted their flowers not to feel too formal, but to have a natural feel accentuated with blues, corals, and pinks. First Mate Photography captured these elements perfectly! One of our favorite details of the day was the kumquats hidden among the reception centerpieces!

We just adore this wedding filled with lots of beautiful colors, seasonal flowers (ahh, those peonies!), warm garden elements and love. Thank you for letting Whim be a part of your big day, May and Peter!














May&Peter-092 (1)

















P.S. Here are some more stunning garden weddings!






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DIY Bouquets: Home Grown & All On Your Own

You know when you’re driving down a back road and you look over thinking about how the surroundings look like something Bob Ross would paint while saying “These flowers are happy little flowers”? Well, what if I told you, you could make something with those happy little flowers? What if I told you you could even make your own bouquet? Given the seasonal flowers are within your color scheme or the type of flowers that you’re looking for, you could do just that.


While visiting my family in Upstate New York I decided to pull the car over and gather those happy little flowers and make them into a bouquet.


But, before you go foraging for flowers off the back roads let me give you some tips:


1.) Wear proper clothing!

I’m not a bug person. Never have been and I never will be. However, bugs (particularly, ticks) aren’t the only thing you should shelter yourself from. Poison Ivy and Poison Sumac are also out and about (at least in our neck of the woods).


2.) Bring some gardening shears and branch snips.

I’m not encouraging you to cut down any small trees (you overachiever) but some of the flowers you might be drawn to may have branch-like stems.


3.) You’re going to need some gardening gloves.

I know you’re probably thinking “I’m not going digging for these flowers!” I know, but trust me when I say there will be thorns. Unexpected, pointy, blood-drawing thorns. Okay, they’re not that bad, but they aren’t fun when you aren’t prepared for them, and I was not.

4.) Bring a bucket of water.

Once the flowers are cut they will need a continuous water source.



5.) You will need a sharp knife, a string and floral tape.

The knife is for cutting off the thorns and extra leaves. The string is to tie your bouquet and the Floral tape is to wrap it. After wrapping it in floral tape you are free to wrap it in any material of your choice.



I picked some of the flowers from some side roads of my maternal grandmother’s hometown and some from my paternal grandmother’s garden to add some special meaning to the bouquet. This is a great way to utilize all the beauty that Mother Nature has surrounded us with! Have fun with it and don’t over think it. Whatever you make will look gorgeous. I have faith in you.

Your fellow flower child,



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Unique Wedding Backdrops: A Plethora of Pretty

I LOVE backdrops! I’m not really sure why I love them so much except that they add color, texture, and personality to any space or photograph. Let’s all admire my top 10 favorite backdrops. In no particular order, I present to you…

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Lauren Conrad


Photo Credit: Paper Party Shop


Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Photo Credit: Floridian Weddings


Photo Credit: Love Me Sailor


Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


Photo Credit: Flickr


Photo Credit: We Work


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs


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Creative Ways to Add Your Wedding Colors

Looking for a way to integrate your wedding colors or theme into your day? Mix and match these 5 DIY projects to create a wedding that is cohesive, creative, and most of all, perfectly representative of you and your fiance!

1. DIY Dip-Dyed Candles


Photo Credit: Martha Stewart



Pillar Candles

Bleached beeswax beads

Double boiler or crockpot

Peeler or sharp knife

Crayons (in your wedding colors)


Plate or baking sheet


Estimated Craftiness Level:

Great for the not-so-hands-on beginners ;)


Find the step-by-step direction here.



2. Spray Painted Tins


Photo Credit: Shelterness



Tin cans

Spray paint (in a color that coordinates with your wedding colors)


Well-ventilated area


Estimated Craftiness Level:

If you can use hairspray, this is a piece of cake!



1. Clean tin cans

2. Spray paint 1-2 even coats on cans

3. Let dry

4. Fill with beautiful flowers or use as decor throughout your event space!




3. Fabric Garland


Photo Credit: Creature Comfort



Fabric (in the color scheme of your wedding)

Fabric Glue



Sewing Machine

Estimated Craftiness Level:

Not sew (heh, get it?) hard, but knowledge of how to use a sewing machine is required


Complete directions are found here.




4. Clear Chairs


Photo Credit: Amy Nichols Special Events



Clear window cling or film

Sharpies (in your wedding colors)

Clear chairs (rentals are okay)



Estimated Craftiness Level:

Time and effort are needed with this project, so it is not recommended for the procrastinators or busy-bees :)



1. Cut window cling/film to fit the back of the chair

2. Decorate with Sharpies

3. Use a variety or colors, shapes, and patterns to express your creativity and style

4. Stick on the back on clear chairs (watch out for air bubbles!)

5. Voila!




5. Signature Cocktail

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed





Dried Culinary Lavender


Lavender Syrup

Page’s Parfait Amour

Lemon Juice

Soda Water

Lavender (for garnish)


Estimated Craftiness Level:

Perfect for the non-crafters!


The full recipe can be found here.


Good Luck!




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Interesting Dessert Bar Ideas

It is no secret that I’m a dessert girl. I love baking, eating the batter and devouring the finishing product. You know those people who eat so much at dinner that they just can’t fathom eating anything else? That’s not me. I make it a point to save room for the sweet stuff. If you’re like me you know that whatever you choose for dessert is really important. So I am here to propose some really out of the box delicious treats for your guests to enjoy whether they saved room in their bulging bellies or not.

Milk and Cookies

Okay, so maybe this dessert isn’t as out of the box as you were thinking. But it is a classic that you know just about everyone will enjoy! I also suggest offering Silk (almond or soy) and chocolate along with the regular milk just in case a few guests don’t like regular milk (that would me be- I’m weird I know) or if they’re lactose intolerant. That also goes along with including some Gluten-Free Cookies.

Photo Credit: Chic Vintage Brides

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Photo Credit: PopSugar



Coffee & Espresso

I know it is essential to have a Bartender or Bartenders at your reception, unless you’re having a dry wedding of course. But what about a Barista or two? Ever since I knew what coffee was and could comprehend its deliciousness I have been drinking it, maybe that is the reason why this dessert bar makes me so excited. An Espresso and Coffee Bar is probably the best dessert bar idea I’ve ever seen but I’m biased.

Photo Credit: Rustic Wedding Chic


Photo Credit: Glo


Photo Credit: Wedding Party



Mini Pies

Yes sir, yes ma’am! Mini Pies is where it’s at. A Pie for you and you and you! I feel as if this dessert bar needs no further explanation because Pies.

Photo Credit: Ritzy Bee


Photo Credit: Swanky Recipes


Photo Credit: Pinterest



Trail Mix

This one is for all those Health Nut’s out there! I know your probably thinking about how boring this suggestion is. “Really? Trail Mix, Giovanna?!” Yes, really. Check out how delicious and fun these trail mix bars look!

Photo Credit: Upcycled Treasures


Photo Credit: The Knot


Photo Credit: Seattle Mag


Side Note: Before I have completely convinced you, make sure none of your guests have any nut allergies! That would be bad.


Floats and Milkshakes

Who needs a solid dessert? Not me. A delicious Float or Milkshake will suffice my dessert needs for the evening. Just make sure  your guests know they’re out because nobody likes a warm Float/Milkshake.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Weddings Illustrated


Photo Credit: Pinterest


I probably should have warned you all that this blog would make your sweet tooth alarm go off as well as make you super hungry because I don’t know about you but that’s where I’m at right now.  Regardless, these are some stellar choices for delicious treats to give your guests. Just remember to always cater to your guests and keep in mind any allergies or illnesses they may have when choosing which dessert best suits your wedding.

Now, I must go make a pie or eat some Ben & Jerry’s stat.



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How to Stay Organized For Your Wedding

If you need an extra boost of organization with your up-and-coming wedding, try these scheduling tips. I love to stay organized and keep a tight schedule; these are my favorite ways to stay on top of what I have to get done!


1. Try the multi-platform Google Calendar. Google Calendar is great for sharing consultations, tastings, and dues dates with your hubby. You can access your account via the Internet, or download the app for easy viewing on your phone or tablet.


2. Get fancy with washi tape and color-coding.  Who can resist the colors, patterns, and endless organization possibilities of washi tape?! I certainly can not. Try color-coding your calendars with tape or even colored pens. You can easily keep track of all your tasks if you begin to associate each color with a different vendor or task.

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 1.15.11 PM

Photo Credit: SF Girl By Bay


3. Stay organized with hard-copies of papers in a Binder. If you feel more secure with pieces of paper in your hand, print off all of your forms, receipts, and emails. You can use tabs to separate each vendor or category, such as receipts, design ideas, or logistics.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


4. Stick to one good ole “To-do List.” If you are in the slightest bit Type A, like me, making a list and crossing tasks off will make you feel so much more accomplished.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


5. Don’t forget to take a break. Even the most organized of organizers can feel overwhelmed. Take some time to walk away from what you are doing. When you return to your work, you will feel better with a clear head.


Do you have any tips that help you stay organized?


Good Luck!



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How to Salvage Wilting Dahlias

We’ve all been there, the day of your wedding you check on the flowers and those pesky Dahlias are bruised, wilted, or just falling apart. Oh no! The day is ruined! How can we go on, right?! Actually, you have nothing to fear! While working on a wedding this month, we decided to put the petals of a few Dahlias in jars for the bride to use as she pleased. The petals were already falling off and we figured, hey, why risk it? What we didn’t realize, is how GORGEOUS the Dahlias would turn out after we pulled the petals off. Don’t believe me? You should! And just in case you want to do it yourself, here’s a tutorial of what we did!

Step 1: Buy, cut and clean Dahlias.

This step seems pretty straightforward.. I think we’ve all got the buying part down, but if anyone is confused about what we mean by “cut and clean” it simply means to give each stem a sharp, fresh cut at the bottom (on an angle so the stem doesn’t sit at the bottom of the vase and block any water flow) and to remove any leaves that fall below the waterline; removing leaves that will rest in the water will prevent your flowers from sitting in dirty, rotten water. Everybody following so far? Great!

Step 2: Remove petals.

Again, fairly self explanatory, but the key to this is to be gentle in removing the petals. Grab only a couple petals at a time and gently pull away from the center of the flower until you feel them give. Once a few petals are removed, you’ll start to see green “petals”, be sure not to pull these as they are the key to salvaging the flowers. (You can see the green “petals” in the picture below if you’re confused!) After you’ve removed several of the petals, you can start to take creative license with how “naked” you want your Dahlias to be. For the wedding where we made the discovery, we left a few purple petals in the center to add some flair to them.

Step 3. Get creative with your petals!

Now after all that hard work pulling off the petals, you definitely won’t want to just throw them away! We put the petals in cute Mason jars, but there are endless possibilities for what you can do with them. Give them to your flower girl to sprinkle along the aisle, spread them out around placecards or favors, even lay them on your cake in lieu of cake flowers!

As Momma says, “there is a solution to every problem” and she could not be more right, especially when it comes to flowers! Next time you find your Dahlias drooping, try this method and show us the results! Or try it out with a different flowers and let us know how it went!!

Cheers, y’all!


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Wedding Recap: Lindsey and John’s Wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill

Who doesn’t love something a little unique?! We say embrace it! Well, that’s exactly what happened with our winter wedding for Lindsey and John this past March. The bride wanted a bouquet made out of pinecones — yes, pinecones!– which is something we have never done before. It came out wonderfully. The texture and color of the pinecone bridal bouquet in combination with the white snow was a beautiful sight.

The bride and groom’s vision of a relaxed and cozy day was realized with bud vases of anemones and lavender, stacks of books, and the glow of candlelight. Even though it was cold outside, their wedding day was warm and comfortable inside the Barn at Gibbet Hill. Cheers to you, Lindsey and John!

Photos by: Hopkins Studio








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How to Make Your Wedding Insta-Famous

These days, social media plays such a big role in our lives that it would only make sense for it to be incorporated into our weddings! The most popular media outlet lately has been Instagram and if you’ve been following it’s success, you’ll notice that Instagram has given fame to several people just by what they post. You, too, could become “Insta-Famous” with a few easy tricks on your wedding day.


Use hashtags. Hashtags are the easiest way to get publicity on your wedding. Whether it’s incorporated into your ceremony programs or written on a sign somewhere at your venue, if there’s one set hashtag that guests can use on pictures of your wedding then that hashtag will eventually create publicity and maybe even a following!

Photo Credit: Pure 7 Studios


Tag locations. Letting your followers know where you held your wedding is great PR for both you and the venue where your wedding is held. Not only will your followers know exactly where your wedding was held, but also anytime someone looks at the pictures taken from that venue your photos will show up!

Photo Credit: Sammi’s Personal Instagram


Create a contest. The prizes could be as simple as gift card (trust me, people LOVE gift cards) but by creating a contest, you can increase the number of people who post pictures of your wedding. Through this contest you could even incorporate a certain hashtag or have the contestants tag you and/or your spouse to increase your own publicity!

Photo Credit: Instagram


Have a wedding profile. If you really want to go all out, you can create a separate profile just dedicated to your wedding. This way, any pictures that guests take at your wedding can tag that profile and – if it’s public – those photos can be seen by everyone to show what an amazing time your wedding was!!

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee


There are tons of ways to become “Insta-Famous”, but I personally think having a famous wedding is the best way. Do you know anyone with an Insta claim to fame? Let us know in the comments!


Cheers, y’all!


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