Throwback Thursday: Erin & Darrick’s Cambridge Wedding

Happy throw back thursday! This week we are featuring Erin + Darrick!  We absolutely adored their bubbly personalities and their love for flowers, especially peonies! When they were dating, Darrick would bring Erin a bouquet of flowers every Friday- talk about swoon! Once we found out Darrick’s grandmother also grew peonies, we knew this was going to be a fabulous wedding. Not only were there peonies in Erin’s bridal bouquet, but each guest took home a small bouquet of flowers as favors, as well! We absolutely adored the bright pink tones and lush flowers Erin loved on her flower market visit. They brought the venue Tupelo to life.  Below are some of our favs of their big day! A special thanks to Parker Digital Imaging for capturing their big day!


xo Whim

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Dara & Rich’s Essex Conference Center and Retreat Wedding

When Dara and Rich came into the studio looking for a Day of Coordinator, we knew it was a perfect match in planning heaven! Dara and Rich came to Whim looking for someone who could bring their ideas to life and pay close attention to their personal touches. We adored their fun chemistry and how important the little details were to them. Their big day took place at one of our favorite venues, the Essex Conference Center. This venue was a perfect fit for Dara and Rich who enjoy the outdoors, and wanted to have their guests stay in one place. The lovely ladies of Derby Farm Flowers created their stunning personals with the couples favorite colors in mind; purple, blue, and white. The centerpieces were assorted bottles that Dara + Rich had collected, filled with bright orange dahlias, yellow zinnias, pops of purple, and textured greens. Nir Landau beautifully captured the entire day, here are some of our favs! Congrats Dara and Rich!

P.S. See what we did the last time we were at ECC!





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Wedding Shoes: The Sole of Your Wedding

Now-a-days there are many ways to get creative in the details of weddings. One of my favorite things that has been on my wedding design radar as of late is Shoe Messages.This not only applies to the ladies of the big day but the guys too! Gotta love unisex creativity.


Now, some can be super cheesy but I’m totally okay with that when it comes to displaying your love for your soon to be spouse. Some can also be a sweet and simple “I do.” If you think this idea is totally lame check out these awesome examples and then make your judgement call. If they’re shoes you plan on wearing post-marriage there are other ways of inscribing messages on your shoes, like embroidery on the tongue or the heel.



“She’s mine,” though slightly possessive sounding, seems to be the most common message written on groom’s shoes. I personally am loving the converse, it’s great just in case you have a little too much scotchy scotch scotch and forget who you are or why you’re there. Not that you should drink that much on your wedding day but just in case you do.


Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


Photo Credit: 100 Layer Cake


Photo Credit: Ruffled

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty



“I do” seems to be the most common message for brides but I think you can get a little more creative. I love the
Idea of the Groom writing a message on one shoe and your Bridesmaids or Maid of Honor writing a message on the
other. Just make sure if the message is something that is PG if you know you will be kicking your heels off when
the dancing begins, you don’t want to scar your little cousins for life.


Photo Credit: Indulgy

Photo Credit: Ruffled



Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Ruffled


His and Hers:

So clearly Converse are the most common “His and Hers” personalized shoes but feel free to use
creative freedom. If there is a quote that you use regularly or a saying that you hold dear to one another, use



Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pearl Events Austin


Shoe messages are a little detail that is great way to show your love or humor with one another on your big day. They are also a good reminder to take off a little of the anxiety or stress that you’re feeling. Whether you use a sharpie or have the message embroidered it’s a wonderful touch of personality in the day. Feel free to be as mushy as you want, I won’t judge you. Plus, they make for pretty great detail shots!


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Lauren + Kevin’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

It is always nice working with a familiar face…which is what happened with our clients Lauren and Kevin! Did you know that Lauren is a close friend of Natalie’s? They actually trained together for years at Healthworks! Lauren and Kevin came to Whim looking for a classy, yet laid back floral scheme. The couple chose to go with a mix of our Farmer’s Market Package and Rustic Elegance Package. The Whim Crew integrated fun colors of orange, teal, and mustard yellow with some of the bride’s favorite flowers including Peonies, Billy Balls, and Garden Roses. We just adore the beautiful colors of the flowers that accented the bridesmaid dresses and map picture frames on the tables (the bride and groom love traveling and vintage maps!) Lauren and Kevin’s venue, Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer, MA was the perfect backdrop for a perfect day! Katie Noble captured the moments beautifully. Thank you for letting Whim be a part of your big day, Lauren and Kevin!

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Laura + Alex’s Red Lion Inn, Cohasset Wedding

When Laura first came to Whim, we instantly fell in love with her bubbly and fun personality! She and her fiance Alex came to Whim looking for seaside elegance that could be mixed with their rustic venue. With our Signature Plus Package Laura and Alex selected florals that were lush and pastel in color. Using their flower choices, including Roses and Astilbe, Giovanna (our newest designer and florist) created lovely personals, centerpieces, and eye-catching arbor decor. This was G’s first time being able to run with a client’s vision and she knocked it out of the park!

One of our favorite memories of the day was tucking bud vases of flowers among the couple’s DIY decor, signage and Pinterest creations. Did you know Laura and her mom made practically all of the decor and details?! We just loved all of the dreamy colors and beachy touches they came up with. This Pinterest bride even had their programs printed on paper envelopes for guests to enjoy…too cute! Inside, we tucked freshly picked rose petals to throw in celebration of the bride and groom (check out the black and white photo below…it’s our favorite!) Hello Love Photography captured the day in it’s entirety; these are some of our favs! The Red Lion Inn, located in Cohasset, was the perfect setting for this perfect day! Congrats Laura and Alex, we hope your day was just as you imagined!













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Erin + Keith’s Brooksby Farm Wedding

This past June, we had an amazing time working with Erin and Keith on their big day.  Erin contacted us from California and it was love at first phone call!  They expressed they wanted their day to feel relaxed, clean, with a mix of rustic elegance. Erin + Keith went with our DIY flower package, and created centerpieces themselves, while renting our fabulous farmer’s market bottle collection. Their flower arranging skills were spectacular and we loved seeing what they created.  The soft touches of blue and yellow on their white table scape made for a stunning vision.  It melted our hearts to see them cry tears of joy after first glance of their flower bundles. Yaritza Colon captured this amazing day, these are some of our favs! Brooksby Farm, located in Peabody was the perfect setting for this rustic & natural couple. Enjoy! Congrats Erin + Keith!


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5 Multi-Purpose Centerpiece Ideas: Reuse and Repurpose Baby

1. Colorful Candy Bar:

Add some color and fun, all in one!

Photo Credit: P-oppies


2. Filling Fruit Bowl:

Add texture, rich colors, and encourage guests to eat during cocktail hour (Hint: pre-cut fruit for guests to easily share and eat).

Photo Credit: Ruffled


3. Darling Desserts:

How cute are these scrumptious little cakes! They add a tasty focal point, which guests can enjoy later in the evening.

Photo Credit: Pinterest


4. Appealing Appetizers:

Talk about conversation starter! Decorate your table with a variety of cheeses, bread, wine bottles, fruit, and jam to start the night off right.

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


5. Floral Favors: 

Guests can enjoy lush greens or popping floral buds while they dine, and then take them home as favors! This is a money saver for you and the favor will be more meaningful for guests.

Photo Credit: Lucy Dylan Weddings





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How to Make a Bouquet Unique: 5 Ribbon Wrap Ideas

While the flowers in your bouquet will always tie together your wedding day look, the accents and wraps you choose to add can give a unique flair that is personalized to you. Whether you want to tie in the theme of your wedding, incorporate an important aspect of your life, or just add a little something extra, turning the stems of your bouquet flowers into a decorative masterpiece is easier than you’d think!


Go nautical.

If you’re having a wedding near a beach or have chosen a nautical theme, tightly wrapped twine would be the perfect wrap for your bouquet.

Photo Credit: The Every Last Detail


Think classic.

For a chic, polished look wrap a ribbon around the bottom of your bouquet. You could even tie a bow to give off a soft, feminine effect.


Photo Credit: Whim Events


Bling it up.

Add some extra sparkle to your ensemble by wrapping your bouquet with a string of rhinestones or pearls. This style could be the finishing touch on a wedding filled with glitter or create a subtle flair for a more modestly glammed wedding.


Photo Credit:

Use fabric.

Incorporating a piece of fabric that means something to you and your beau, or your family, is the perfect way to increase the sentimental value in your bouquet on the day of your wedding. It could be anything from a piece of an old wedding dress from a mother or grandmother to part of a curtain from your first apartment together.


Photo Credit:  Brooklyn Betrothed


Remember a loved one.

Attach a charm or two to your bouquet to honor a loved one who couldn’t be with you on your special day.

Photo Credit: All Women Stalk


No matter what your style is, there are a countless number of ways to decorate your bouquet in a way that is unique and special to you!

Cheers Y’all!





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Men’s Wedding Style: Necktie v. Bowtie

I am guilty of being one of those girls that is a sucker for a guy in a bow tie. I always have been and always will be. However, Neckties are classic. They’re like the Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s of a grooms outfit. I think they might be giving the Bow Ties a run for their money.

Couples are getting clever with the accents to suits and tuxes. It’s no longer just a Black and White tux that the fellas are wearing. It’s the whole kit and caboodle, baby. So get ready, place your bets (no scrolling to the bottom, cheaters!) and let’s see these two ties duke it out..


Embroidery: The Necktie

Photo Credit: Sew Happy Girls

Photo Credit: Weddings Illustrated

Okay, so embroidery is a special touch that you can add to either a necktie or bow tie. Though it pains me to break loyalty to the bow tie on this particular subject, I have to give this round to the necktie. I mean, leaving a surprise message for your fiancé before you both say “I do”? I’m sold.

Wooden: The Bow Tie

Photo Credit: ModCloth

Photo Credit: The Merry Thought

This round is really difficult for me. I love wooden bow ties, they’re quite ingenious and they also paved the way for the necktie to go au natural as well. However, though the necktie looks a little too modern and forced in a wooden texture, I’m kind of loving it. Even though it’s growing on me, I have to give this one to the bow tie. It paved the way for the necktie to go wood.

Metal: The Bow Tie  

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Brit + Co

Due to the fact that was nearly impossible to find a decent metal/wire necktie, I have to give this one to the bow tie. Though the metal knot on the necktie is stunning, the bow ties are colorful and the variety (though slim) is much larger than the necktie. Plus look how fun those bow ties look!

Knots: The Necktie

Photo Credit: Sandals Wedding Blog

Photo Credit: Something Turquoise 

(Poor bow ties didn’t even stand a chance during this round. I mean really, the Eldridge and The Trinity Knot? Wowza!)

Okay, now for the tie-breaker! Yes, I have been waiting to say that this entire time. The last category…

Attractiveness: The Bow Tie & The Necktie!

 (You didn’t actually think I was going to pick a favorite did you?)

Photo Credit: Modern Weddings Hawaii

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty


When it come to choosing a winner, I can’t. And If you are like me and you can’t decide which is the superior tie, don’t! Use both! The guys above are wearing both and wearing them very well. So can you! Mismatching is cool, I dig it. Once again I am pushing you to step out of the wedding comfort zone. Trust me, it won’t be the last time either.


Stay Tuned!


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Wedding Etiquette 101: The Difference Between Escort and Place Cards


Photo Credit: The lovely Katie Noble


Escort cards and place cards…you have probably heard these names thrown around, but what do they mean? Escort cards and place cards tell your guests where to sit during your dinner service. This applies to any type of event, such as dinner parties or anniversary parties, not just weddings.


So now that you know these cards help guests find their seats, now what? Let’s dig a little deeper. Did you know that there IS a difference between escort cards and place cards? Many people use them interchangeably- which is fine- but in the event planning world, there is a big difference.


Escort cards identify the table number at which a guest will be sitting for dinner. These cards are generally placed at one large table near the entrance to the dining space. Place cards, on the other hand, are…you guessed it, at the place setting for each guest! This means that at each individual table, every seat or plate has a card stating the name of the guest who is designated to sit there.


I have seen both escort cards and place cards used, as well as hybrid versions of the two. The success of each really depends on the guests. If many of your guests are from out-of-town and different stages of your life, only providing escort card (assigning tables only) can make individuals feel left out. On the other hand, some guests may feel hurt if they were assigned to sit in the back corner. Over time, I have learned that there is no right choice, only you can decide what will work for you and your guests!


To recap, guests receive escort cards to guide them to their table. Once at their table, place cards identify their specific seat. These are tiny details I learned about while in school, so don’t feel bad if you didn’t know. With that said, it is helpful to know the difference between escort cards and place cards. Not only can it strengthen your communication and clarity among vendors, but it can make your guests feel more comfortable in finding their appropriate seats.


You can choose to use both escort and place cards, just escort cards, or neither and opt for a completely open seating plan. The choice is all yours!


Good Luck!



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