Find Your Wedding Inspiration: Brazilian Throws

One of the first things we do when a couple comes to us for event design and styling is ask them what their home looks like. What personal style do they have? Where do they shop? What colors are in their living room? Most of the time, inspiration is right under their noses but they are temporarily blinded by the bling. ;) . Our job is to bring out that inspiration and translate it into the best day of their lives! So, each month, we will be blogging a piece called “Find Your Inspiration,” taking one inspiration piece and showing how that favorite can make a gorgeous wedding design.

Brazilian Throw{What they wished for}“Southwestern desert meets Brazilian beach with a touch of magic.” A party that meshed their love for travel together and the groom’s Brazilian culture. Here’s how we made it come to life:
{Our Inspiration}: We loved the idea that a beautiful Brazilian throw or colorful Pendleton blanket seemed to sum up the entire design of the day. Think: cozy, cultured and colorful!
{Colors}: No shade is missing from these gorgeous throws, so we had free range to choose the hues. We loved mixing in bright yellows, vibrant orange, deep pinks, reds, blues and greens into the design.
{Tablescape}: We selected colorful and earthy pottery from West Elm as the centerpiece, mixing in cactus plants and bright blooms. To create a natural look for table scape, we used a simple striped linens and copper silverware, similarly used in Brazilian kitchens, for that cozy feel.
{Floral}: Both the bride and groom loved using local and cultural flowers, with a ton of texture. We even included mini pineapples! (Note: We will never reject the idea of using mini pineapples, ever.)
{Food}: The couple served family-style seasonal cuisine, colorful including fish & vegetarian dishes. The colors and texture of the food added to the table design!
{Details}: The grooms mother gave the couple a traditional piece of Brazilian artwork, featuring a couple on their wedding day. We highlighted this cultural gift by hanging it in plain view of the guests as they entered the reception room.
Photos by Katie Noble Photo. 


The idea that a throw can translate into a colorful and comfortable wedding day is kindof cool right? In fact, we might call it downright magical. What element in your home inspires you?
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Rina + Ian’s Wedding at the Essex Conference Center & Retreat

Tucked away in Boston’s beautiful North Shore, you will find the The Essex Conference Center and Retreat and a retreat is exactly what it is! A tranquil garden and quaint lily covered pond with a trickling waterfall create the picture perfect place for two lovebirds to tie the knot. Luckily for me, I was able to experience this when I was the Day of Coordinator for Rina and Ian who said “I do” there in May.

After the vows were exchanged and sealed with a kiss, the fun really began! Rina swapped her beautiful lace gown for a shorter dress perfect for twirling and this adorable couple shared their first dance to the Beatles. Guests traveled from all over the world to share in this joyous occasion and it was all perfectly captured by the extremely talented Channing Johnson!

Congrats Rina & Ian!

xo xo, Mandi


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Whim’s Year in Review 2014: Part 1: True Love Never Gets Old

As I sat down today to write our 2014 Year In Review, I was actually at a loss for words. I thought maybe if I went back to last years edition, I could think of a good place place to begin. Yet, I instantly became emotional reading it. Mostly because Moira and I still feel the same bursting sense of love and gratitude for our work as we did last year (and in 2012) but even more so. As a new mother, I finally understand what it means to love your child more wholeheartedly every day, for new and different reasons. Moira and I truly feel that same love for Whim. Every single day gets more awesome. Every challenge drives us to get better. Every couple is a new chance to see love in another light.

One of our brides, Alex, wrote a review for us that truly touched us this year. It said: “Natalie and Moira are experienced and busy in the business,yet they make you feel like your wedding is the moment they have been waiting for.” We cried when we read it, because every wedding we are even a small part of is the moment we are waiting for. Each wedding suddenly becomes our one and only, our new favorite, the apple of our eye, a special and irreplaceable moment in time. (Just ask Moira to tell you her favorite bouquet….Hint: It’s always the one she is working on at that moment!). We never tire of it. Love never gets old.

So as we ring in the New Year, we are excited to look back at 2014 and reflect on these growing moments of love. We are so very grateful to our clients for opening up their hearts, for letting us in to their lives and for reminding us that real love simply keeps getting better every day.

ps. Tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of the Year In Review: a gushing look at the second half of our 2014 weddings, and some fun facts about our awesome team of #whimen. ;)

Happy New Year!

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Tracie and Paul

Tracie and Paul2



View More: More:;




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And a huge thank you to the amazing Photographers who allow us to cherish these moments by capturing them so beautifully: Alexandra Roberts Photography, First Mate Photo, Leise Jones Photography, Katie Noble Photo, Channing Johnson Photography, Carla Ten Eyck, Nicole Baas Photography, Brianna Cox Photography, Daphne & Dean Photography, Bella Wang Photography, Justine Johnson Photography, JP Langlands Photography,Hello Love Photography, Stop Go Love Photography, Lindsey Mae Photo, Yaritza Colon Photography & Janet Moscarello Photography.





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Happy Holidays from Whim!

{That time we were elves}

Twas the night before Christmas (vacation)…

and all through the studio…

not a creature was stirring…

well, except for Kristin Chalmers’ camera and the #whimen, yo!

As the Whim team closes for the next two weeks (first time EVER!) We wish all of you whimsters the happiest & joyous of Holiday Seasons! Kristin, thank you for taking these super holiday photos for us, and helping us celebrate 2014 in full force!! See you all in January!!


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Our Top 4 Personalized Wedding Bands: Wedding Bells are RINGing!

One thing that I see on occasion that I absolutely love is personalized rings. I know engraving rings has been something that couples have done for ages but I’m talking about more than engraving, though that is adorable as well. I’m talking about the modernization of engraving or personalizing your wedding bands. Let me preface this with the fact that some of these are pretty awesome so if you already bought your wedding bands, I’m sorry but you are going to have to return them and go get these.

Sound Waves:
These wedding bands have the outline of the sound wave image of your spouse saying “I Do”. Ridiculous right? Ridiculously adorable, that is. Seriously though, this is a fabulous idea 1,000,000 points to the person who came up with this idea.


Photo Credit and designer: Sakurako Shimizu

This idea is a great way to give your rings some awesome texture. Have your spouses fingerprint engraved into your wedding band! It’s a very personal way to have a piece of them with you at all times. You can have the fingerprint engraved on the outside or the inside of the band depending on your personal preference.

Find this Ring on Etsy by 

Latitude & Longitude:
This is a great idea for any couple but especially a couple who loves traveling. You can have the latitude and longitude of the place where you met or where your getting married engraved on your wedding band as a way to personalize them!

Find this Ring on Etsy by Monkeysalwayslooky.


This is great for the couple that loves going to shows together, met at a concert or just enjoy relaxing to some music at the end of the night. The music of your first dance could be engraved on the outside and the title on the inside. It’s a great way to remember your song together!

Find this Ring on Etsy by Myfavoritesong

Wedding bands are now taking on their own special conversation. There is more to just the basic wedding band. These are just a few ways that modern wedding bands can be personalized. Feel free to explore more ways on websites like Pinterest and Etsy. Many Jewelry designers are willing to work with you as well so don’t hold back. If you think you have a crazy idea, pitch it to them! We always love when a couple comes to us with amazing new concepts! It keeps our creative ideas fresh! Don’t be afraid to “sound a little weird” we like “a little weird” here at Whim. After all, that’s why they hired me (though I choose to use the word quirky).

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Throwback Thursday: Erin & Darrick’s Cambridge Wedding

Happy throw back thursday! This week we are featuring Erin + Darrick!  We absolutely adored their bubbly personalities and their love for flowers, especially peonies! When they were dating, Darrick would bring Erin a bouquet of flowers every Friday- talk about swoon! Once we found out Darrick’s grandmother also grew peonies, we knew this was going to be a fabulous wedding. Not only were there peonies in Erin’s bridal bouquet, but each guest took home a small bouquet of flowers as favors, as well! We absolutely adored the bright pink tones and lush flowers Erin loved on her flower market visit. They brought the venue Tupelo to life.  Below are some of our favs of their big day! A special thanks to Parker Digital Imaging for capturing their big day!


xo Whim

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Dara & Rich’s Essex Conference Center and Retreat Wedding

When Dara and Rich came into the studio looking for a Day of Coordinator, we knew it was a perfect match in planning heaven! Dara and Rich came to Whim looking for someone who could bring their ideas to life and pay close attention to their personal touches. We adored their fun chemistry and how important the little details were to them. Their big day took place at one of our favorite venues, the Essex Conference Center. This venue was a perfect fit for Dara and Rich who enjoy the outdoors, and wanted to have their guests stay in one place. The lovely ladies of Derby Farm Flowers created their stunning personals with the couples favorite colors in mind; purple, blue, and white. The centerpieces were assorted bottles that Dara + Rich had collected, filled with bright orange dahlias, yellow zinnias, pops of purple, and textured greens. Nir Landau beautifully captured the entire day, here are some of our favs! Congrats Dara and Rich!

P.S. See what we did the last time we were at ECC!





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Lauren + Kevin’s Zukas Hilltop Barn Wedding

It is always nice working with a familiar face…which is what happened with our clients Lauren and Kevin! Did you know that Lauren is a close friend of Natalie’s? They actually trained together for years at Healthworks! Lauren and Kevin came to Whim looking for a classy, yet laid back floral scheme. The couple chose to go with a mix of our Farmer’s Market Package and Rustic Elegance Package. The Whim Crew integrated fun colors of orange, teal, and mustard yellow with some of the bride’s favorite flowers including Peonies, Billy Balls, and Garden Roses. We just adore the beautiful colors of the flowers that accented the bridesmaid dresses and map picture frames on the tables (the bride and groom love traveling and vintage maps!) Lauren and Kevin’s venue, Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer, MA was the perfect backdrop for a perfect day! Katie Noble captured the moments beautifully. Thank you for letting Whim be a part of your big day, Lauren and Kevin!

PS…Check out a few more of our Farmer’s Market Weddings here.



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Laura + Alex’s Red Lion Inn, Cohasset Wedding

When Laura first came to Whim, we instantly fell in love with her bubbly and fun personality! She and her fiance Alex came to Whim looking for seaside elegance that could be mixed with their rustic venue. With our Signature Plus Package Laura and Alex selected florals that were lush and pastel in color. Using their flower choices, including Roses and Astilbe, Giovanna (our newest designer and florist) created lovely personals, centerpieces, and eye-catching arbor decor. This was G’s first time being able to run with a client’s vision and she knocked it out of the park!

One of our favorite memories of the day was tucking bud vases of flowers among the couple’s DIY decor, signage and Pinterest creations. Did you know Laura and her mom made practically all of the decor and details?! We just loved all of the dreamy colors and beachy touches they came up with. This Pinterest bride even had their programs printed on paper envelopes for guests to enjoy…too cute! Inside, we tucked freshly picked rose petals to throw in celebration of the bride and groom (check out the black and white photo below…it’s our favorite!) Hello Love Photography captured the day in it’s entirety; these are some of our favs! The Red Lion Inn, located in Cohasset, was the perfect setting for this perfect day! Congrats Laura and Alex, we hope your day was just as you imagined!













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Erin + Keith’s Brooksby Farm Wedding

This past June, we had an amazing time working with Erin and Keith on their big day.  Erin contacted us from California and it was love at first phone call!  They expressed they wanted their day to feel relaxed, clean, with a mix of rustic elegance. Erin + Keith went with our DIY flower package, and created centerpieces themselves, while renting our fabulous farmer’s market bottle collection. Their flower arranging skills were spectacular and we loved seeing what they created.  The soft touches of blue and yellow on their white table scape made for a stunning vision.  It melted our hearts to see them cry tears of joy after first glance of their flower bundles. Yaritza Colon captured this amazing day, these are some of our favs! Brooksby Farm, located in Peabody was the perfect setting for this rustic & natural couple. Enjoy! Congrats Erin + Keith!


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YC4-1107 YC4-1108 YC4-1226 YC4-1253 YC4-1567YC4-1837


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