How to Make Your Wedding Insta-Famous

These days, social media plays such a big role in our lives that it would only make sense for it to be incorporated into our weddings! The most popular media outlet lately has been Instagram and if you’ve been following it’s success, you’ll notice that Instagram has given fame to several people just by what they post. You, too, could become “Insta-Famous” with a few easy tricks on your wedding day.


Use hashtags. Hashtags are the easiest way to get publicity on your wedding. Whether it’s incorporated into your ceremony programs or written on a sign somewhere at your venue, if there’s one set hashtag that guests can use on pictures of your wedding then that hashtag will eventually create publicity and maybe even a following!

Photo Credit: Pure 7 Studios


Tag locations. Letting your followers know where you held your wedding is great PR for both you and the venue where your wedding is held. Not only will your followers know exactly where your wedding was held, but also anytime someone looks at the pictures taken from that venue your photos will show up!

Photo Credit: Sammi’s Personal Instagram


Create a contest. The prizes could be as simple as gift card (trust me, people LOVE gift cards) but by creating a contest, you can increase the number of people who post pictures of your wedding. Through this contest you could even incorporate a certain hashtag or have the contestants tag you and/or your spouse to increase your own publicity!

Photo Credit: Instagram


Have a wedding profile. If you really want to go all out, you can create a separate profile just dedicated to your wedding. This way, any pictures that guests take at your wedding can tag that profile and – if it’s public – those photos can be seen by everyone to show what an amazing time your wedding was!!

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee


There are tons of ways to become “Insta-Famous”, but I personally think having a famous wedding is the best way. Do you know anyone with an Insta claim to fame? Let us know in the comments!


Cheers, y’all!


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An Ode to the Fellas of the Big Day

This one goes out to the fellas. I apologize on behalf of all women for taking the spotlight away from you when it comes to weddings. Now, some of you don’t want to focus on the fashion or aesthetics of the day, to you the premise of the day retains the most importance which is very honorable. However, some of you have had to sit on the sidelines while the ladies get to have all of the fun with the fashion and design of the big day which is completely unfair. Well guys, I am here to say Take Back The Day! Okay, maybe not the whole day. Just make sure to share the spotlight with your future wife. After all it is a unity that your creating. Sharing is caring.

What I am getting at is that there are many ways to keep your masculinity and have an opinion about what you want yourself and your groomsmen to look like in those breathtaking photos that you will have for the rest of your life (no pressure though). So, I am here to suggest tasteful, fun and dapper ideas to get your fashion thoughts flowing. Fasten your seat belts fellas because you’re about to discover the bride’s excitement to saying “yes” to the dress, or tux, suit and suspenders in your case.

1.) You know that comfort zone that tells you to pick the typical black tux combo? Step out of it. Way, way out. Think: suit jacket, pattern shirt & tie (within the design scheme) and colored pants. Yes, I said colored pants. 

Photo Credit: From This Day Forward

See what I mean? Stunning!


2.) Don’t forget about the groomsmen. What’s even better than matching groomsmen? Mismatching groomsmen. As long as they are within your color scheme for the day I say, Why not? This gives you guys an opportunity to use what they may already own. 

Photo Credit: Weddings Illustrated


Photo Credit: South Bound Bride


3.) Tweed. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s stunning, very warm, but stunning. What I do not suggest is wearing this for an early fall or summer wedding. Tweed has got “puddle pits” written all over it. A late fall, winter or early spring wedding is great for this type of material. I’m telling you, embrace the tweed fellas.

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Photo Credit: Kolonel Mustard 


Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 5.28.23 PM












Photo Credit: Sweet Little Photographs


4.) What guy doesn’t like plaid? I’m sure there is a few but after they see these stunning grooms in plaid, they will warm up to the idea of a plaid suit too. If you have always been a plaid lover, you could even suggest having a lumberjack themed wedding to your fiancé. I’m kidding…don’t do that.

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Gilt


Photo Credit: Style Salvage


5.) I mentioned this before but I feel as if I must mention this missed opportunity once again. Colored pants. Not much of an explanation is needed for these. Take a look…

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee


Screen shot 2014-08-19 at 5.39.28 PM











Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes


This is just the first blog of many that I will be dedicating to the dudes of weddings. So get interested if you’re not dudes because more is coming your way.


Stay Tuned!..


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Color is the New White

I have to admit to my (and maybe every other single gal’s) guilt pleasure:  Gawking over wedding gowns on Pinterest. Given, I should keep up on what is current due to the fact that I am in the wedding industry. At least that’s what I tell myself as I am drooling over the chiffon and tulle. However, the other day I came across something peculiar. A black wedding gown. I know what you’re thinking, “Black?!  BLACK??” Trust me when I say that colored wedding gowns are a movement to look out for. They are growing in popularity and I am embracing them with open arms. Don’t believe me? Take a look at a few that I have found to be absolutely stunning:

 Screen shot 2014-08-05 at 11.05.20 AM

Photo Credit: Inspired By This


Photo Credit:  Vera Wang


Photo Credit:



Photo Credit: Weddbook


Photo Credit: Wedding Inspirasi


Photo Credit: Belle the Magazine


Photo Credit: Alexander Terekhov


See what I mean? Gorgeous! This is just the beginning of colored wedding gowns. Imagine where they will be a few years from now. So ladies, don’t be scared of color. Embrace it!!



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Top 5: Ways to Keep Everyone in Loop on Your Wedding Day

Have you ever been in a wedding party where there are 5 other bridesmaids next to you wondering the answers to one million questions? Where did the Mother of the Bride go? When can I eat even a morsel of a muffin? When does the bride need to get dressed? When will I finally be able to get my hair finished?

Whether you are the bride, Maid of Honor, or even a bridesmaid try incorporating some of these nifty schedules into your day full of wedding prep and hairspray in order to keep everyone in the wedding party in line (including the guys, as well!).


1. Complete Wedding Party Guide. Create a wedding day program just you’re your wedding party. Include a bridesmaid and groomsmen side so everyone knows where the other is. Try listing the times and places of each activity; this will also help keep the stragglers on track!

Photo Credit:


2. Share the Love with your Ladies. Afraid the guys will loose your wedding day schedule? Create a cute timeline for your maids, complete with photos and all of the day’s activities, including trips to the salon and brunch hour.

Photo Credit: A Little Something Detailed


3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. Don’t have a wedding party? Perhaps, you only have a MOH or select family members taking part in your day. Share the basic events you have scheduled for your special guests so they have a general idea of what to expect for the day.

Photo Credit: Hi-Fi Weddings


4. Who’s Who. If you have wedding party members from all stages of your life, chances are many have never met before. Keep everyone feeling comfortable and in the know by providing a program, diagram, or list of Who’s Who in the wedding party. Include actual pictures of your bridesmaids and groomsmen if they are okay with you snagging their Facebook profile picture; or just list their names and role for a more basic feel.

Photo Credit: BashStudio


5. Getting Tech Savvy.  Not into killing trees with tons of paper schedules? Try having members in your wedding party download the Appy Couple. This app will help keep all of your friends and family in communication, in the loop on daily wedding events, and best of all, is right in their pocket at all times!

Photo Credit: Ruffled


You don’t have to be a drill sergeant on your wedding day, but these organization tools will help keep your wedding party on track so you can enjoy your special day!


Good Luck!


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Hydrangea and Peony 101

During the summer, it would seem that hydrangeas and peonies would be the perfect flowers for your wedding. However, these two beautiful blooms are much more sensitive to the hotter months than they appear. To help you better understand why it would be best to substitute them for a sturdier blossom when the temperatures climb, here are a few fast facts about both hydrangeas and peonies.


Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens


While hydrangeas are available all throughout the summer and fall, once they are cut they become slightly more temperamental than their rooted counterparts. Especially with lighter-colored hydrangeas, it is important to keep them out of the sun as much as possible as they can wilt or brown easily in direct sunlight. The best way to keep your hydrangeas fresh and bright is to make sure they have a fresh cut stem every day and to keep them in a cool, shaded place. If you’re really worried about your hydrangeas not surviving until your wedding day you can add a tiny bit of Alum to the water, which will cause them to last longer. (A little less than a teaspoon should suffice.) In the instance that the hydrangeas are wilting very quickly, dunk them flower-first into a bucket (or bowl) of water and leave them in for 15 minutes. Hydrangeas are unique in that they “drink” from their petals, so you could also mist them with a spray bottle full of water if you see them starting to droop. Another effective technique you could use if you don’t want to wait 15 minutes is to cut the bottom of the hydrangea again in as sharp of an angle as you possible can and put them in hot water. The hot water travels more quickly to the flowers and the sharp cut will allow more surface area for water to be sucked up in to the stem. Finally, if you feel that you absolutely must have hydrangeas in your outdoor summer wedding, store them in a cold place and bring them outside at the last possible minute.



Photo Credit: Deborah Silver


Without a doubt peonies are the type of flower you’ll want to purchase a day or two (max) before your wedding. When peonies are first purchased, you’ll notice that most of them will be closed in a tight, round ball. This is normal, but the key to making peonies last is to keep them from “popping” until the day of your wedding.  Once peonies “pop”, the petals will continue to open until eventually they start falling off. This is a fairly quick process, so you’ll want to take extra care if you want the right look. Causing and/or preventing the peonies from popping is all about timing; if the peonies are purchased several days before your wedding and you’re afraid of them popping too early, you’ll want to bundle them up together fairly tightly and store them somewhere cold. However, if you find that the day of your wedding the peonies still haven’t popped, give them a fresh cut and put them in direct sunlight until you’re ready to use them; be sure to keep an eye on them though because you don’t want them to pop and fall apart before your wedding starts!

No doubt, all flowers can be temperamental when they’re out of season, but in my experience hydrangea and peonies seem to be the most popular (and most beautiful, amiright?!) Are there any other flowers you’d like to know more about? Let us know in the comments!

Cheers, y’all!


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Unlikely Pairs

Unlikely pairs can be off-putting and confusing at first but then surprisingly wonderful! Take these pairs for instance:

Tell me that is not the most adorable thing you have ever seen. I know you’re probably thinking “Yes, this is adorable but what does this have to do with my wedding?” Great question!

Throughout the many decades, even centuries, of matrimony there have been a handful of color combinations that have been used and re-used. I am here to suggest some unlikely pairs (see the connection now?) that should be utilized more often. First and foremost, do not limit yourself to just a pair of colors. Many people think that you can only have two colors. Flowers, dresses, tuxes and even table settings come in more than just a handful of colors. Like Tim Gunn says, Make it work! So here is a list of color combos that at first will confuse you but then will surprise you!


Blue, Black and White:
There is a very cheesy way to accomplish this color combo and then their is the elegant, classy way to do it correctly.

Photo Credit: We Heart It

Photo Credit: Jessmy Etsy

Photo Credit: Ruffled

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Red and Tan:

I am the first one to admit that I love the classic Red, Black and White combo but nix the Black and White and substitute Tan/Nude and you’ve got yourself a stunning pair. I know what you’re thinking.. “Red and Tan? What the…?” But trust me on this one.

Photo Credit: Cookie Mondays

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes


Green and Gray:

I imagine when you tell someone that your wedding colors are gray and green that they would appear quite bored. Have no fear, this pair will not disappoint. It’s quite possible my favorite unlikely pair.

Photo Credit: Once Wed

Photo Credit: Juniper and Dash

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 2.28.48 PM


Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Navy and Magenta:
You need to have a love for deep colors to adore this unlikely color combo. Though its richness would turn most away, before you dispose of this pair, take a gander.

Photo Credit: The Perfect Palette

Screen shot 2014-07-31 at 4.58.58 PM


Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks


Orange and White:
Creamsicle is the first thing that comes to mind, I know. This combo will look as delicious as it sounds, just give it a chance.

Photo Credit: Wedding Sparrow

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Obviously these unlikely pairs have been done before but I am simply happy to put them in the spotlight so that everyone can see how fabulous they look together. They are not your classic complimentary colors but boy do they compliment each other. Essentially the point is; Take A Risk!! If you like one color and your fiancé likes another and you think they won’t go well together, they will. Trust your instincts!



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Planning With Kelsey: My New Found Love for Cocktail Hour

When I first started working at weddings, I became familiar with the term “cocktail hour.” I was unsure as to why it was necessary- couldn’t all the guests wait for cocktails til dinner? I soon realized the more important meaning behind cocktail hour & why it’s crucial to your big day. Here are my tips to keep in mind when adding this into your wedding!

Don’t starve your guests: The most important part of cocktail hour is the food. Guests should have access to food every 2 hours at the minimum. If your ceremony is at 3pm, and dinner is at 6pm, not including speeches before dinner starts and travel time, that could be 4 hours without anything to eat, and guests will have to fend for themselves. A whimployee attended a wedding where they snuck out during photos to grab appetizers for the wedding party, due to a lack of a cocktail hour! Having passed appetizers during your cocktail hour is a great idea to give guests a sneak peek of how fabulous your caterer is. We also recommend having a station with either fruit, cheese, or bread & crackers. Have your caterer set aside a plate with a sample of all the appetizers for you & your spouse to enjoy!

Drinks: In my experience, having water accessible to guests after the ceremony is a great idea, and they will appreciate it!! The line for the bar is always super long once cocktail starts. By setting out tasteful water and lemonade dispensers, guests will be able to be refreshed quickly!

Image Credit: Wedding Blog Pottery Barn


Did you find cocktail hour to be beneficial on your big day?

xo Kelsey

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Four Decor Alternatives to WOW your Guests

If you want to add character to your wedding ceremony or reception venue but don’t necessarily want to use flowers, there are a number of flora alternatives that can make the look of your wedding unique. Whether you are aiming for a rustic look, natural feel or want to add color without blossoms, thinking outside of the flower box is key and include more options than you’d think!


Go out on a vine. Vines are the perfect way to subtly decorate a larger space because they appear natural and can easily be draped over or hung from anything. Species such as Hops and Ivy are perfect for decorating bare columns or draping across a table for a finishing touch.


Think with your stomach. Fruits and vegetables are the perfect way to add color to your wedding venue without the use of flowers. Personalize your decorations by including you or your fiancé’s favorite fruits or veggies; if they’re ripe enough, they could even provide a nice, healthy snack for your guests!


Get the herbal essence. Not only would herbs bring a one-of-a-kind look to your wedding, but they would also bring an amazing aroma to your whole venue. Pick your favorite smell and place a few springs here and there throughout your decorations to create a natural perfume in the air.


Brown is the new green. For a more rustic look, try incorporating branches or shoots of plants with earthy tones that contrast traditional greenery. Curly Willow branches are perfect to achieve this look because they create texture and can cover a larger area than a centerpiece or fill an empty area in your venue.


Do you have any floral alternatives ideas? We would love to hear all about them!




Photo Credits: Whim Events

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DIY: Create Mercury Glass Like a Pro

Looking for a way to make use of your old votive holders and vases? Why not try your own mercury glass treatment. The Whim Crew suggests placing candles or flowers inside of your fantastic faux mercury glass to brighten up any cocktail table, mantel, or centerpiece. Try mixing and matching various glassware of different shapes and sizes, or decorate many of the same glassware for a more cohesive, uniformed look.





-Glassware (Try using votives, vases, and jars)

-Krylon Looking Glass spray-paint

-Spray bottle



-Paper towels

-Well-ventilated or outdoor space






Step 1:

In your spray bottle, combine 1 part vinegar to 1 part water.


Step 2:

Gather your clean glassware and place them upside-down either outside or on a surface you can spray paint on.


Step 3:

Lightly spray the vinegar/water mixture on the glass. This mixture will bead (if it starts to run, you have sprayed too much of the mixture).


Step 4:

With the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, lightly coat the outside of your glass over the mixture you just sprayed (don’t forget to shake well before use).


Step 5:

Let the mixture and spray paint sit on the glass together for roughly 30 seconds. With a paper towel, blot or wipe the mixture using a small circular motion. Hint: the harder you press, the more distressed the treatment will look.


Step 6:

Let the layer dry for 1-2 minutes. Repeat until you have the desired color/effect you want (3-5 layers in total should work).

This process can be repeated on the inside of the glass as well; however, if you are planning to put candles or fresh flowers in your mercury glasses, treating the inside should be avoided.


Good Luck!



Directions and photographs adapted from A Little Claireification.


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5 Underdog Flowers You Should Get to Know

Get to know these 5 hidden gems, each with their own personality and style. Show them some love and let them help brighten up your day!


1) The Toad Lily- These delightful beauties are the underdogs of the lily family. They might not have the most gorgeous name but one look at them and they will make you a believer! And toads are kind of cute if you ask me.
Season: Early Fall

Colors: Pink, Purple, White, Red



2) The Passion Flower aka: Maypop- If you live in the Southeast United States these show-stopping flowers might not be considered an underdog to you but here in the Northeast they still have plenty of spotlight potential. They grow on a vine and there is no other flower like the Passion Flower. I know you are probably curious as to why the Passion flower is also know as the name “Maypop”. Well, believe it or not it is because they tend to pop up in the month of May. Clever, I know. Also, if you were wondering if it is associated with Passion Fruit well by golly gosh, your right! Beautiful and then delicious?! Take the stage Passion Flower, front and center, baby.
Season: Early Spring to Mid Fall

Colors: Pink, Blue, Purple



3) Gloriosa- Their name “Gloriosa” is derived from the word gloriosus, which means handsome and that is exactly what I would call these flame-looking flowers, handsome fellas. I beg of you, look up pictures of this flower used in bouquets. You won’t be sorry.
Color- Red to Bright Yellow

Season- March to November



4) Snake’s Head- This amazing bell-shaped flower is an underdog due to its extremely unique checkered coloring making them resemble, you got it, a snake’s skin. Though in my personal opinion, they remind me of checkered Vans and maybe thats why I (or my inner high-school self) totally dig them.  Regardless, both reasonings are good for me.

Color- Pink/Purple and White Checkered

Season- Late Winter to Mid Spring



5) Beehive (or any) Ginger- You read correctly, it says Ginger. In my opinion I don’t think that people take enough advantage of this root. Ginger comes in many different beautiful forms but Beehive just so happens to be my favorite. It’s warm colors and wax-looking texture makes any arrangement or bouquet an instant conversation piece.
Color- Yellowish-Green to Bright Red

Season- July through November

Watch out for these underdogs and help their cause! They’re all too gorgeous and underrated to remain in the shadows of mums and roses (though mums and roses are a loved favorite to all). Start the trend, take the plunge, pick a flower you normally wouldn’t dare to. I promise you won’t regret it!

Their fellow underdog,


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